Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Magician and the Flowers: Life's Good Fortune

Have you worked so, so hard for where you are, and yet, it is a force beyond yourself? It is what makes me feel as if there is a spiritual force, conceived by humankind perhaps, but greater than us. But what if, even if there is a god-like force, the feeling is just us? Isn’t that beautiful?

My life is aligned right now, but it feels outside of me. I have great friends, a roof over my head, a job in my field, and another potential amazing opportunity possibly around the bend. And, we work for this goodness, these rewards, and yet they feel outside of us. Visually, it is cloudiness with a bit of glitter dashed in. And it envelopes me, and ties me to those wonders that make up my reality, and blankets me in that glow. Isn’t it incredible when you can have what you want and w hat you have is what you want? And that glitter-energy is a magician and every day it is pulling the most beautiful flowers out of its sleeve.

I'm not simply writing this to gloat. But, that I want you to watch for that musician. Because those flowers, they're the ones you miss when you're watching the minute on the clock on your phone. Don't simply "stop and smell the roses" but create them in what's already there.